eWIPS supports all of the workflows defined in the ISO standard along with several additional workflows required to manage well integrity:

Well Monitoring and Surveillance:  Interface support for real-time pressure readings as well as readings from integrity tests and ad-hoc readings.  Corrosion reviews are available for specific well types.  Ad-hoc reporting is used to report failures at any time.

Annulus Pressure Management:  System monitors annulus pressures against MAASP, Min. allowed pressure and alarm values.  Annulus investigation workflow used to define an investigative procedure and then determine annuli failure state.

Well Maintenance: System supports pressure tests, valve tests, SSSV tests, annulus buildup and corrosion.  Multiple integrity test types are allowed with schedules dependent on the well type (can be useful to meet legal requirements).

Well Handover: Process to document well state and integrity issues between construct and operate.

Technical Review:  eWIPS has a Well Failure Model with rules to assign due dates and required well actions based on barrier failures.  A Technical Review workflow is used when human intervention is required to assess the severity of certain failure conditions.