The eWIPS system provides a comprehensive, flexible Well Integrity Model that allows companies to adapt the system to their well integrity standards, satisfy legal requirements and implement the ISO/TS 16530 standard.

Well Integrity Model

The well integrity model enables an operator to:

  • Classify wells into different well integrity types, and map well properties to determine the type automatically.
  • Define a Well Failure Model with barrier envelopes for the different well integrity types and establish rules for failure conditions based on barrier elements that are not meeting their minimum performance requirements.
  • Define the required well integrity test activities to meet both company standards and any legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Establish Repair Priority based grace periods to complete tasks that are required to resolve well integrity issues and monitor issues until they are closed out.

The Well Integrity Model can be adapted at different organizational levels to take regional variations such as different regulatory regimes or local circumstances into account while ensuring that a common process is used consistently across a large/diverse/complex organization.