Well Integrity is the ability of a well to perform its required function effectively and efficiently while safeguarding life and environment.
To achieve this, barriers are put in place such as production tubing, casings, cement, wellheads and Christmas trees.


Integrity Test Forms

Digitally captured, QA/QC and store all well inspections, remedial tasks and test result data including audit trail. The test forms content is configurable, based on the well configuration

Well Failure Model

Implement a Well Failure Mode that ensures consistent risk assessment associated with well inspection failures or anomalies

Well Integrity Events

Allow all integrity issues and key events affecting any individual well to be easily identified


Provide a streamlined implementation of the processes outlined in a corporate Well Integrity Management Manual, and help operators implement an effective Well Integrity Management System that meets corporate and regulatory requirements


Demonstrate auditable and active management of well integrity by competent staff

Analysis & Reports

Reports and data integration with Excel to review well integrity status and history and enable analysis of historic data to reveal trends


Flexible integration system with external systems such as Asset Registers, Maintenance Management Systems, Daily Reporting system or Real Time sensor data to enable a single view of all relevant integrity data and prevent duplicate data entry

Modern Architecture

he eWIPS system has a modern, scalable, web based architecture and is offered as a cost effective, Cloud hosted Software As A Service solution. On-Premise deployments are also possible for those customers where the SAAS solution is not appropriate

eWIPS will deliver to an operator

  • A single system incorporating well integrity information from multiple sources that builds an integrity picture of the wells across each Asset, Region and Company
  • A method of identifying the highest priority wells to focus on, using a standard Risk Assessment Matrix that can be understood by all
  • An Assurance that Process Safety requirements and legal requirements are fully implemented.

Key benefits of the system

eWIPS supports operators on various levels:

  • eWIPS provides a configurable Well Integrity Model that allows companies to establish their well integrity standards, satisfy legal requirements and implement the ISO/TS 16530-02 standard
  • The system provides a single access point for all relevant well integrity information and integrates data from multiple data sources (well mechanical data, asset tree, maintenance management system and real-time well monitoring systems) in a single overview
  • Key Performance Indicators at any organizational level are provided to track well integrity compliance with time and to quickly identify wells with integrity issues
  • eWIPS improves communication between staff by implementing simple and configurable workflows with clear roles and responsibilities, creating specific well integrity tasks for users and providing email notifications around tasks and well integrity status
  • Productivity of well integrity focal points and production uptime will be increased
  • By using an eWIPS standard Risk Assessment Matrix, that can be understood by all, the highest-priority wells to focus upon are easily identified.